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The First Digital Marketing Agency Dedicated to the Funeral Industry

We specialize in modern web-based marketing skills, with particular expertise in the areas of internet advertising, funeral home websites, cremation arrangement websites, and search engine optimization. Our founder is the best-known online marketing expert in the funeral industry – and also a funeral director, CFSP, certified celebrant, and former pre-need sales superstar.

This depth of experience means we bring a level of insight to the table that literally no other marketer can match -- a claim you can easily prove. We’ll help you better position your company for this new internet era and execute solid ROI marketing that leaves the competition behind while saving money.

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Beautifully accessible design, extremely high Google rankings for funeral home and obituary searches, fast website load time, and more...

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The most important thing for a funeral home website is being found by shoppers and obituary seekers.
Every time a person fails to see your website, you have missed a customer opportunity or a branding opportunity.

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What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

David Fisher,, Chicago, IL

Rob, I just wanted to let you know that I get a lot of compliments from families on how well done and easy our website is to use. You and your team make it easy to operate and update…thanks.

David Fisher

John Laureano,, Edmonton, AB

When I started Trinity in 2009 I knew that if I was to be successful I would need a strong online presence. I contacted Rob Heppell to design and manage my website and Google AdWords. I am thrilled to say that in six short years our firm has grown to serve over 850 families per year. I can’t thank Rob and his team enough for their work and understanding of the funeral industry. Our website and online presence is a major contributing factor to our success. The best thing any funeral home can do is hire Heppell for your online needs before your competitors get ahold of him!

John Laureano

Jeff Murphy,, Nashville, TN

Thanks Rob – February will mark our two year anniversary with the new site. We have been very pleased with the progress, finishing the second year with 368 calls. We give you and your team most of the credit, you’re always steering us in the right direction and preventing us from going down the wrong one – my brother and I can’t thank you enough.

Jeff Murphy

Brent Shehorn,, Waco, TX

I originally had my cremation website with one of the funeral supply companies and knew that I wasn’t reaching the potential that it could. I moved over to Heppell’s Cremation Arrangement Website system and things really started to change for the better. Online calls are coming in on a regular basis and my online business has surpassed the number of calls that my funeral homes does without cannibalizing my traditional business. His team is really responsive to my requests and he is always providing new strategies to increase call volume and improve average cremation values. I never received any proactive advice from my previous website company.

Brent Shehorn
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