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Funeral Results Marketing is the first digital marketing agency dedicated solely to the funeral industry. We specialize in modern web-based marketing skills, with particular expertise in the areas of internet advertising, funeral home websites, cremation arrangement websites, and search engine optimization. Our president is the best-known online marketing expert in the funeral industry – and also a funeral director, CFSP, certified celebrant, and former pre-need sales superstar.

This depth of experience means we bring a level of insight to the table that literally no other marketer can match -- a claim you can easily prove. We’ll help you better position your company for this new internet era and execute solid ROI marketing that leaves the competition behind while saving money. And of course we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Don't all experts?

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Robin Heppell

Marketing and Strategy Consultant

Deeply understands deathcare marketing because: as a funeral director and certified celebrant, he arranged over 2,000 at-needs. As a pre-need agent he sold over 1,500 pre-needs – ranking as the #1 Sales Representative for NSMs (now SIFH’s) Monumental Life Plan one of his years there. Then he developed marketing tactics as the cremation rate grew from 64% to 92% in his home market. Under the Heppell Media Group umbrella, his multiple initiatives and brands, including Funeral Futurist Consulting, Funeral Boardroom, and Funeral Futurist Websites, have helped hundreds of funeral homes and cremation businesses rapidly grow market share. As a online marketing expert he is Google Certified, and has presented at over 40 National and State deathcare conventions.   View Certifications

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